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Maine Lobster Roll Kit

Maine Lobster Roll Kit

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  • Complete Lobster Roll Kit
  • 1 lb Perfectly Cooked Maine Lobster Meat (TCK) (2lb for 10 roll kit)
  • 6 New England Style Top Split Buns (12 buns for 10 roll kit)
  • Butter for Toasting Buns
  • Your Choice of Seasoned Lemon Butter or Spicy Honey Sauce

Product Details

Angie's Lobster Roll Kit comes with everything you need to enjoy delicious Maine Lobster Rolls right from the comfort of your home! In our lobster roll kit, you get 16 oz of Premium Maine Lobster meat and 6 New England Style split buns.

One bag of Angie's Premium Lobster meat allows you to serve up to six rolls, but we believe five rolls per bag is the perfect ratio of bun to lobster! 

All items should remain frozen until you are ready to thaw and use. Allow ingredients to thaw in the refrigerator for 24 hours before preparation. Once lobster meat is thawed, please use it within four days.

Included in the Lobster Roll Kit:

  • Maine Steam-cooked and Flash-frozen Lobster Meat: 1-pound bag
  • New England Style split buns: 6 count
  • Butter (for buns): 2 packets
  • Seasoned Lemon Butter (for lobster): 6 packets
  • Spicy Honey Sauce (included only if you order Spicy Honey): 6 regular packets or 2 large packets (both equal six servings)


Welcome, Lobster Aficionado! Get ready to indulge in a symphony of flavors as you effortlessly transform our supreme Lobster Roll Kit into a delightful culinary masterpiece!

Preparing Your Lobster Rolls:

Spicy Honey Prep (Skip for Lemon Butter Enthusiasts)

  • Allow our Spicy Honey packets to lounge until they reach the perfect, drizzly room temperature. Can't wait and want to enjoy your Lobster Rolls Now? A brief microwave stint will get them ready for action.

Step 1: Toast Those Buns!

  • Unleash the plain butter packets into a sizzling skillet over medium-high heat. Feel the anticipation build as the butter melts, paving the way for the toasting fiesta.
  • Introduce your buns to the hot, buttery stage, letting them soak in the spotlight until they're golden and crisp.

Step 2: Lobster - The Star of the Show (Connecticut Style)

  • Warm the seasoned lemon butter packets in a welcoming bowl. Whether you lavish each roll with individual attention or lavish the whole sautéed lobster batch is up to your gourmet instincts.
  • Heat a skillet to medium and let the lobster meat bask for a tantalizing 30-60 seconds, turning to achieve that exquisite warmth. Then, infuse it with the liquid gold that is our seasoned lemon butter.

Step 3: Assembly – Where Magic Happens

  • With an artisan's care, allocate approximately 1/5 of the succulent lobster meat per roll, nestling it gently into its bun cradle.
  • For the Spice Aficionados armed with the Spicy Honey Kit – anoint your lobster with the sweet and spicy nectar using a small spoon, achieving that sublime balance of flavors.

Now, behold the fruits of your minimal labor: a plate of irresistible Lobster Rolls ready to dazzle your taste buds or steal the show at any gathering. Each bite promises a carnival of taste, celebrating the finest lobster at unbeatable prices, only from Angie's Lobster. Dive in, and let the feast begin! 🦞

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